EAFF East Asian Cup 2013 & EAFF Women’s East Asian Cup 2013 Final Competition



A Player to Look out For

Due to FIFA regulations regarding International A Matches, 2013 EAFF East Asian Cup isn’t the battleground for the very best players from each country. There are still plenty of players to look out for. Vying for the champion title, each team has selected the best in their national leagues, or picked those with great potential.

The battle to be the top scorer, which is expected to attract great attention from fans, has become a battle between the old and new. Defending Champion China’s leading scorer Gao Lin, and the Australian “Bomber” Archie Thompson are the notable veterans in the battle. With ample experience in the international stage, Gao Lin is a striker known for his keen eye for goal chances. In the 2010 EAFF East Asian Cup in Japan, he pried open Korea Republic’s goal defenses and led the game to victory: China’s first victory against Korea Republic in 32 years. Archie Thompson is the undisputed top scorer in the Australian A League. Renowned for his quick penetration and seasoned execution¸ he is the most trusted striker in the relatively less internationally experienced Australian team.

From Korea Republic and Japan, the strikers famous in their own leagues are also to take on the EAFF Championships. Ulsan Hyundai’s striker Kim Shin-wook, an intimidatingly tall man at nearly two meters, is expected to bombard the goalposts. In Japan, the rookie Yohei Toyoda, who stood avant-garde in Sagan Tosu’s feat in last year’s J League, is dying to show his potential in the Japanese team. Both players have little or no experience in international competitions. Therefore, they are likely to strive in this year’s EAFF East Asian Cup to rid their “For Domestic Use Only” tag and step on to the international stage.

The Midfield Maestro Park Jong-woo, is another player to watch closely. He has played an important part in earning his team the bronze medal in the 2012 London Olympics. He also drew much media attention by his ‘Dokdo Ceremony’ which gave him much national recognition. He is determined to prove himself on par with dedicated European leaguers Ki Sung-yueng and Koo Ja-cheol who will not be in the competition.

Defenders Jade North, Daisuke Suzuki, Zhang Linpeng, running in the Australian, Japanese and Chinese team respectively, is also worth some attention. Jade North, who has played in the K League and the J League before, is pretty savvy with East Asian Football. Knowing this, Holgar Osieck assigned North as the best player to confront the opposing team’s offense. Daisuke Suzuki is the new-generation defender which the head coach Zaccheroni picked to take the place of Maya Yoshida(Southampton F.C.). Zhang Linpeng is one of the top players in the Chinese Super League, recognized for his powerful marking and hard tackles, and is definitely something to watch for fans.

Goalkeeper Jung Sung-Ryong of the Korea Republic team, is also worth looking out for. He has fortified the Korean goalpost in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and two Olympics Tournaments (2008 Beijing and 2012 London), with a reputation more well-formed than any other goalkeepers in the competition.