EAFF East Asian Cup 2013 & EAFF Women’s East Asian Cup 2013 Final Competition



“Hello 2013!” EAFF Official Dinner Rolls out the Red Carpet

The EAFF official dinner was held today on July 26th at the Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Jongro, Seoul.
The event was warmed by the participation of officials from various different football associations, and EAFF board of directors including EAFF and KFA president Chung Mong-gyu.
The attendance of officials from the DPRK women’s football team made it even more meaningful.

Prior to the dinner, “Hello 2013”, the slogan of this year’s East Asian Cup was introduced to the guests.
The first initial H stands for various words such as “Hi”, History and Harmony. The second letter E is the initial for East Asia, and EAFF which was founded for the prosperity and active exchange of East Asian football.
The “ll” represents the 11th year of EAFF, and the 11 nations that participated this year.
The last letter “O”, being a circle, represents harmony.

EAFF President Chung said in his welcoming speech today that “All officials from member nations are very welcome.”
He continued “EAFF will continue making progress, supported by the members’ solidarity. Last June, Korea Republic, Japan and Australia earned the ticket to the 2014 World Cup finals.
I congratulate these nations.” He also expressed welcome for the Australian guest team, adding that it has given much meaning to the competition. He also praised the DPRK women’s team’s impressive performance this year.
He encouraged the players to do their best in the remaining matches, and expressed his hopes to make it a memorable evening for the guests.

An award ceremony preceded the dinner.
Those whose dedication to football in East Asia was exceptional were given an award of recognition.
Honorary vice president Zhang Jilong became the person of honor for today’s award. Vice president Zhang fulfilled his duty outstandingly when he was called to be the acting president of AFC.

Meanwhile, the fierce battle for the East Asian Cups is still continuing, with just one round left.
On July 27th, the last round of women’s championships will be held in the Olympics Stadium in Jamsil, Seoul, with Japan, China and DPRK in fierce competition. On the next day, the last round of the men’s football is to be held.
The Korea-Japan match beginning at 8pm is especially anticipated, as it is a derby between two Asian powers.