EAFF East Asian Cup 2013 & EAFF Women’s East Asian Cup 2013 Final Competition


7月24日(水) / 華城競技場2013.07.24 (Wed) / Hwaseong Stadium7月24日(周三) / 华城体育场7월24일(수) / 화성종합경기타운

W-3 韓国 対 中国Korea Rep. vs China PR韩国 vs 中国한국 vs 중국 17:15 Kick Off

韓国Korea Rep.韩国한국 中国China PR中国중국
korea 1 - 2 china
K.Narae (8')
1 First Half 1
0 Second Half 1
W.Lisi (1')
L.Ying (66')

M-3 韓国 vs 中国Korea Rep. vs China PR韩国 vs 中国한국 vs 중국 20:00 Kick Off

韓国Korea Rep.韩国 한국 中国China PR中国중국
korea 0 - 0 china pr
0 First Half 0
0 Second Half 0

Korea Republic Fails to Surmount the Great Wall of China

EAFF Women's East Asian Cup 2013 R3
Korea Republic vs China PR 2013.07.24 Hwaseong Sports Complex

Match Review:

China PR has successfully beaten the challenge from the home team Korea Republic. Just one minute into the first half, China took the lead when Wang Lingling’s cross from the left led to Wang Lisi’s goal; And 21 minutes second half, with the teams at a 1-1 tie, Li Ying’s stunning goal placed China back in the lead. Overly focused on the ball, the Korean players failed to notice Wang Lisi penetrating from behind, leading to a goal loss. 21 minutes second half, the Korean defenders were slow to react to a second goal attempt after goalkeeper Kim Jumg-mi successfully fended off the previous one. China PR effectively took advantage of Korea Republic’s unstable defenses. Korea Republic’s offense did once succeed when midfielder Kim Na-rae’s midrange shoot made it into China’s goalposts. Other attempts that followed, however, were ineffective, leading to defeat.

Match Star: Wang Lisi

Wang Lisi played the leading role in letting her team break through Korea’s defenses and ultimately win. From Wang Lingling’s cross, she scored the first goal just one minute into the first half. 21 minutes second half, she assisted Li Ying’s decisive goal by her swift right-foot volley shot. As an attacking midfielder, she roamed the field infiltrating Korean defenses whenever and wherever possible. She was a menacing threat to the opposing team’s defense.

EAFF East Asian Cup 2013 R3
Korea Republic vs China PR 2013.07.24 Hwaseong Sports Complex

Match Review:

Head coach Hong Myung-bo’s first victory seems far away. Korea Republic took an all-out offense to the defending champion China PR, but once more the match has ended in a draw. China PR team was aware of Korea’s striking power, and embraced a firm defensive strategy; so much so that the team has only made two goal attempts for the entire match. Korea, on the other hand, undertook unconventional tactics, replacing nine players from their previous lineup. However, the team’s offenses were rather predictable, failing to break China’s defenses. Head coach Hong seemed frustrated, and commented he may soon make a critical decision; perhaps a sound of warning for the players.

Match Star: Zeng Cheng

The goalkeeper Zeng Cheng threw himself to thwart Korea’s unending wave of attacks. With stunning reflexes, he blocked Yoon Il-lok’s right foot shoot following a pass by Seo Dong-Hyeon, 27 minutes into the first half. Korea’s offensive, with “colossal” attackers like Kim Shin-wook, was greatly discouraged by Zeng Cheng’s command of the field. No amount of praise would suffice.