EAFF East Asian Cup 2013 & EAFF Women’s East Asian Cup 2013 Final Competition


7月25日(木) / 華城競技場2013.07.25 (Thu) / Hwaseong Stadium7月25日(周四) / 华城体育场7월25일(목) / 화성종합경기타운

W-4 日本 対 朝鮮民主主義人民共和国Japan vs DPR Korea日本 vs 朝鲜民主主义人民共和国일본 vs 조선민주주의인민공화국 17:15 Kick Off

日本Japan日本일본 朝鮮民主主義
DPR Korea朝鲜民主主义
japan 0 - 0 dpr korea
0 First Half 0
0 Second Half 0

M-4 日本 対 オーストラリアJapan vs Australia日本 vs 澳大利亚일본 vs 호주 20:00 Kick Off

日本Japan日本일본 オーストラリアAustralia澳大利亚호주
japan 3 - 2 australia
M.Saito (25')
Y.Osako (55',79')
1 First Half 0
2 Second Half 2
M.Duke (75')
T.Juric (78')

EAFF Women's East Asian Cup 2013 R4
Japan vs. DPR Korea 2013.07.25 Hwaseong Sports Complex

Match Review:

The match was fierce, as expected from two world-class teams. In the first half, the DPRK team took the lead. DPRK utilized vicious man-marking and clever positional defense to counteract Japan’s unique pass-plays. Such tactics stalled Japan. DPRK adopted a defense-then-offense strategy, aided by Choi Un-ju and Ri Ye-gyong’s effective strikes. From the second half, Japan revamped their tactics and began their counterattack. The striker Ogimi seized a critical chance twice in the second half, shaking DPRK’s defense. However, Japan’s signature pass-oriented tactics did not work very fluidly, and the attempts were made in vain as the goalkeeper Hong Myong-hui stood firm. The teams actively exchanged fire, but the game ended in stalemate.

Match Star: Hong Myong-hui

DPRK did make more goal chances, but those within the penalty area was taken more often by Japan. Ogimi’s playing, diving in and out of the penalty box for goal chances, was especially threatening. It could not break through DPRK’s tight defense, however. Goalkeeper Hong’s role was crucial. During the second half, she threw her body and blocked Ogimi’s two near-perfect shoots. Later she warded off another dangerous shoot from Mana Iwabuchi. Hong Myung-hui was the hero in letting DPRK stand good chance against one of the best teams in the world.

EAFF East Asian Cup 2013 R4
Japan vs. Australia 2013.07.25 Hwaseong Sports Complex

Match Review:

After a frustrating draw against China PR, Japan accomplished its first victory today against Australia. Japan’s intricate passes and outstanding players contrasted with the somewhat dull tactics of Australia. Japan took the lead when Manabu Saito scored the first goal 25 minutes first half. With minimal team support, Saito penetrated the penalty area, launching a miraculous chip shoot to the left. Japan pushed on and scored another goal 10 minutes second half. Centre-forward Yohei Toyoda’s pass, received by Yuya Osako breached Australian defenses. Australia soon retaliated. Changing to offensive tactics, Australia rebalanced the score with Mitchell Thomas at 31 minutes and Tomi Juric at 34 minutes second half. Australia’s full potential had almost reversed the game, when Osako scored the team’s third goal just a minute later. Japan’s disappointing draw against China was not repeated. Australia, despite its fine playing, was eventually defeated.

Match Star: Yuya Osako

Yuya Osako’s piercing dribble, followed by a stunning shoot scored Japan’s second goal. When Australia brought the game to a tie, he took another decisive shoot, taking the lead back. He shot an accurate right-foot goal kick from the penalty arc, landing the ball within the Australian goalposts. His swift teamwork near the penalty box was especially exciting to watch, and showed accurate kicks even within a small launch window.