EAFF East Asian Cup 2013 & EAFF Women’s East Asian Cup 2013 Final Competition


7月28日(日) / 蚕室総合運動場2013.07.28 (Sun) / Jamsil Olympic Stadium7月28日(周日) / 蚕室综合运动场7월28일(일) / 서울 올림픽주 경기장

M-5 オーストラリア 対 中国Australia vs China PR澳大利亚 vs 中国호주 vs 중국 17:15 Kick Off

オーストラリアAustralia澳大利亚호주 中国China PR中国중국
australia 3 - 4 china
A.Mooy (29')
A.Taggart (88')
M.Duke (91')
1 First Half 1
2 Second Half 3
Y.Dabao (4')
S.Ke (56')
Y.Xu (66')
W.Lei (67')

M-6 韓国 対 日本Korea Rep. vs Japan韩国 vs 日本한국 vs 일본 20:00 Kick Off

韓国Korea Rep.韩国한국 日本Japan日本일본
korea 1 - 2 japan
Y.Illok (32')
1 First Half 1
0 Second Half 1
Y.Kakitani (25',90')

EAFF East Asian Cup 2013 R5
Australia vs. China PR 2013.07.28 Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium

Match Review:

China PR has devastated the World Cup qualified Australian team. Five minutes into the first half, vanquished Australian goalposts with Yu Dabao’s right-foot kick from Sun Xiang’s ground ball cross. Australia didn’t sit still, however. 30 minutes first half, Aaron Mooy’s mid-range cannonball shoot balanced the scores. As time passed, Australia had trouble executing any further attacks due to China’s evasive dominance of the ball. China successfully took back the lead after its second goal by Sun Ke, and crushed Australia with two more goals that followed around 40 minutes second half by Yang Xu and Wu Lei. Australia closed the gap with Adam Taggart and Mitchell Duke’s goals in quick succession, but time did not allow any more. China PR made its first victory, winning 4-3 against Australia, ending the competition with 1 win and 2 draws.

Match Star: Yu Dabao

Five minutes into the first half, his ground-ball shoot sent a shockwave through the Australian team. Later in 10 minutes second half, he took part in Sun Ke’s goal, carrying out his duty outstandingly as the foremost striker. China PR showed its best striking power out of its matches in the 2013 East Asian Cup, and it was possible because Yu Dabao was there to make way whenever the team was on its offensive.

EAFF East Asian Cup 2013 R6
Korea Republic vs. Japan 2013.07.28 Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium

Match Review:

The stadium lit up with passion, as expected from Asia's best rival match. The game started with Korea Republic's lead. The team pushed hard from the front, and took powerful strikes, cornering Japan. However, an unexpected goal from Japan became the match's first goal. Yoichiro Kakitani's shoot, from Yuzo Kurihara's long pass, shook Korea's goal net. Nonetheless, the Korea Republic team reacted, and 32 minutes into the first half, Yun Il-lok's right-foot shoot right before the penalty arc equalized the scores. The two teams exchanged fire in a fierce competition, but the winner was decided minutes before the end. Haraguchi's shoot, deflected by the goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong, was shoved back into the goalposts by Kakitani. Thanks to this goal, Japan, for the first time, held the East Asian Cup.

Match Star: Yoichiro Kakitani

The Korea Republic team technically took the lead, but the scores say different thanks to Kakitani whose goal decisions were more than impressive. 25 minutes into the first half, he made a successful goal attempt, taking the ball from Kurihara's long pass and beating a direct confrontation with the goalkeeper. Seconds before the end, he quickly kicked a ditched ball back into the goalpost, ending the game with a dramatic victory for Japan.