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Information on the EAFF E-1 Football Championship Official Web Browser “Brave” Joint Promotion



December 6, 2019


Starting prior to the EAFF E-1 Football Championship 2019 to be held from December 10 (Tuesday), EAFF will conduct promotions of the Competition with the E-1 official web browser, Brave.

Under the competition concept of “INNOVATION & UNITY”, EAFF plans on various endeavors to create new possibilities from East Asia to the world of Football. One of these projects is a collaboration with an American company, Brave Software (Brave Software, Inc.), the official web browser of the competition.

Brave is an Internet browser that provides a more comfortable Internet environment, utilizing superior technology for higher speeds and stronger privacy protection.
Together with Brave, EAFF will be launching three initiatives which will enrich the spectators experience watching football:
1. “Color the Cheer,” 2. “AI Match Forecast” and 3. “Brave Award”.

Experience the EAFF E-1 Football Championship 2019 via our official web browser, Brave.
Brave can be downloaded free of charge online on PC and Mac, and through the App Store and Google Play for smartphones.

EAFF E-1 Football Championship 2019 Official Web Browser Initiatives
The following initiatives provide a new football spectating experience through the E-1 official browser Brave.

1.“Color the Cheer”
The Brave LED board will be utilized to support the teams. The fans will be able to vote for the team they support on the EAFF web page using the Brave browser during the first half of all matches. The Brave LED board, in the second half of the match, will switch to the color of the team that gets more votes. The LED board will not only turn into the supported team’s uniform colors but will also have a message in their country’s language. Fans who have voted will be entered into a lottery to get a chance to win a used match ball from the competition.

2.”AI Match Forecast”
EAFF will display real-time match prediction using our AI prediction software AI-11 (AI ELEVEN). At the same time, we will also be providing detailed live stats of the teams and players.

3.“Brave Award”
Brave Award will be awarded to one woman and one man chosen by the fans to be the “bravest player”. The award will be awarded to the players with the most votes.

Note: Internet connection will be required (connectivity fees may be applied).